Best of Trending in Ed – Dr. Jacqueline Bhabha on Education as a Human Right

Jeanne A. Curley

Mike introduces one of his favorite episodes of Trending in Education from over the years. This week we’re showcasing his interview with Dr. Jacqueline Bhabha.

Dr. Jacqueline Bhabha is FXB Director of Research, Professor of the Practice of Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health, the Jeremiah Smith Jr. Lecturer in Law at Harvard Law School, and an Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Dr. Bhabha joins Mike to talk about her new book, A Better Future: The Role of Higher Education for Displaced and Marginalized People, which explores the critical importance of access to tertiary education to displaced and marginalized populations. We dive into the challenges faced by refugees, immigrants, and other marginalized groups in gaining access to educational pathways that are essential to living safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

We also touch on the impact of the pandemic and the related explosion in online education on the lives of marginalized populations seeking access to learning pathways around the globe. It’s an eye-opening and important conversation that you don’t want to miss.

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