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Conferences for Bilingual Teachers in the US

How do you stay connected with other bilingual/dual language educators? How do you share your knowledge and learn about new practices? Social media is great, but nothing compares to actually meeting and connecting face to face with other educators. Usually, when I find out about these conferences it’s either too late to register or too late to attend so I promise I will attend the following year, the funny thing is, the same thing happens every year. If you are like me, let’s start the school year a bit different!   

      This is a list of conferences happening in 2018-2019 for bilingual/dual language teachers around the United States. 

    Conferences for Bilingual/Dual Language teachers  

    3. Oregon Association for Bilingual Education (OABE)

      Date: January 18th-19th,2019

    Location: Red Lion Hotel

    Salem, Oregon

     Theme: 2019 Winter Institute 

    4. Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA)

      Date: February 6th-9th, 2019

    Location: Westin Charlotte 

    Charlotte, North Carolina

     Theme: Transforming Communities Through Multilingualism 

    5.  National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE)

    Date: Pre- Conference Institutes: Wednesday, March 6th,2019

    March 7th-9th,2019

    Location: Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

    Lake Buena Vista, Florida

    Theme: 48th Annual Conference 


    6.  California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE)

    Date: March 20-23,2019

    Location: Long Beach Convention Center 

    Long Beach, California 

    Theme: TBA

    7. Michigan Association for Bilingual Education  (MABE)

    Date: May 9-10,2019

    Location: The Dearborn Inn  

    Dearborn, Michigan 

    Theme: Literacy and Language in Action: A Call for Courageous Collaboration 

    Did I miss any conferences for Bilingual/Dual Language teachers? Let me know in the comment section to add them to the list. 

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