How Much Compensation Are You Entitled To If You Were Affected Camp Lejeune Water?

Jeanne A. Curley

How to Get Maximum VA Compensation for Camp Lejeune Water Contamination -  Rep for Vets


Camp Lejeune is a military base where millions of people have lived and served for years. While initially there were no issues with the place, scientists have recently found dangerous contaminants in the drinking water. Therefore, anyone who has come in contact with or consumed this water is in danger of acquiring a disease. 


Estimates show that the drinking water has affected about one million. Fortunately, the government provides compensation and health care benefits for eligible veterans, reservists, and guards. Speak to an attorney today to understand how much Camp Lejeune water contamination settlement amounts you are entitled to. 


How to file a Camp Lejeune lawsuit?


If you believe you have a Camp Lejeune claim, while you can represent yourself, it is recommended to hire an attorney. A professional knows every step of the process and can protect you from making grave mistakes that ruin your claim. Here are the steps to file a lawsuit. 


  1. First of all, determine your eligibility by going through the criteria list. 
  2. If you are eligible, file a claim under the health condition you have. 
  3. Gather evidence and expert witnesses to bring a strong case. Remember, you need to prove that you have the said illness and that you acquired it from serving at Camp Lejeune. 


Families of the victims of Camp Lejeune who have died from the illnesses they acquired at the Camp can file wrongful death lawsuits. They may be able to receive compensation for funeral or burial costs, the deceased’s pain and suffering before they succumbed to their injuries, and medical treatments prior to death. 


How much compensation can you recover from the Camp Lejeune lawsuit?


No two lawsuits are the same, and there are different factors that determine your lawsuit’s worth. Basically, the severity of your illness and damages determines how much money you are entitled to. The greater the injuries, the more the amount. However, some common types of damages that you can be sure to receive include: 


  • Any medical costs related to the particular disease, including surgery, medications, doctor’s appointments, traveling to the doctor, therapy, etc. 
  • Lost wages. 
  • Loss of earning capacity (in the case the individual loses the ability to do any type of work due to their disease) 
  • Pain and suffering, which includes both physical and mental. 


The average person is not able to negotiate a better settlement amount, nor can they gather the necessary evidence. These are crucial parts of the process that usually require years of expertise. This is why it is recommended to hire an attorney to guide you. 


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