Are you a full bachelor’s degree graduate from a university and from a course that is in high-demand? Do you have an ‘A’ Level certificate or diploma from a polytechnic or junior college? Are you considering a career as a private tutor or to tutor part-time? With the high demand in Singapore for good tutors, you can apply for a tutoring job. If you get hired by a top and reliable tuition agency (like FamilyTutor), you may be chosen for those expert tuition assignments in Singapore that are in high-demand because of your field.


The high demand for tutors in Singapore

In the latest government study on its education system, the majority of students in almost all levels in Singapore are now engaged with a tutor. The majority of tutors involved are private tutors in one-to-one sessions with a student.


Singapore may have one of the highest education standards in the world, but this same high standard puts a lot of pressure on most students to maintain a high standard and to score well in major exams to enter top courses in junior colleges or universities.


With this high demand for tutors in Singapore – an education spin-off industry estimated to worth around S$1 billion – now is the best time to join the tutoring profession. Although being a full-time tutor can be lucrative, some professionals can start out part-time either for extra income or as a stepping stone to eventually become full-time. The key here is to get those expert tuition assignments in Singapore if your field is truly in high demand.


What does a private tutor do?

Unlike a tuition centre that looks and feels like a classroom environment, private home tutors have one-to-one tutoring sessions with a student. The tutor needs to provide additional academic help to the concerned student, especially if the student is struggling in a subject and needs to improve their grade. The tutor needs to help the student understand challenging concepts, develop good study skills, and get the student ready for major examinations such as the O Levels and PSLE.


On the Road to Becoming a Tutor


Be a graduate from a polytechnic or junior college

You can’t just be any ordinary graduate. You need at least an ‘A’ Level certificate or diploma. Anything less than this, you may find it difficult to be accepted into a tutoring job, especially with the high standard and quality tuition agencies.


Have a complete university education

If you’re a graduate with a bachelor’s degree from a university and your course is in high demand, such as in the fields of mathematics, sciences, and languages (Chinese, English, Tamil, etc.), you can expect to be a high-demand tutor so long as you’re well-qualified.


You can do volunteer tuition work

Whether you have a teaching background or none, you can gain tutoring experience by volunteering as a tutor for churches, child-care centres, non-profit organisations, and non-government organisations. You can get a feel of how it is to teach one-to-one with an individual student, something completely different from a classroom environment.


You need to raise your tutoring credentials and track record

As soon as you start out with your first few students, it is of vital importance to remember that as the tutor, you have the responsibility to provide your best academic support to the tutee. These students are virtually placing their future in your hands and need to improve significantly, to the point of getting better grades. As your tutees improve academically, this enhances your credibility as a private tutor and will slowly build up your track record.


Just remember: Tutoring isn’t just teaching. It is a service mixed with hospitality. It also needs a large amount of patience since you will encounter different types of students with different levels of difficulty and challenges.


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