How To Maintain and Manage Multiple Websites for Your Reseller Hosting Business?

For those who are new to website creation, the idea of managing multiple websites may seem overwhelming. But, after all, isn’t one website usually enough? 

While that may be true for many, having multiple websites for a business has become increasingly common today. 

The purpose of web hosting plans is to make these websites accessible to anyone connected to the internet. Additionally, there is the concept of Reseller Hosting plans.

Resellers purchase special accounts from Web Hosts and allocate resources to individual customers. 

Overall, resellers also host multiple sites under the same main account.

4-Step Checklist to Maintain Multiple Websites for Your Reseller Hosting Business

One of the main reasons for owning multiple websites for Windows or Linux Reseller Hosting plans is the need to separate personal and business requirements. 

For instance, you may have a personal blog while maintaining a professional portfolio site. Outlined below is a checklist to follow regularly to maintain multiple websites.

  • Website Security?

On average, websites are visited by bots approximately 2,608 times every week. 

You must prioritize your sites’ security by regularly updating them and conducting daily scans for malware or viruses.

  • Data Backup

When managing multiple websites, it’s easy to overlook the importance of backups. 

Backing up data involves duplicating the site’s information in a separate location. 

Whether your site gets infected by a virus or experiences configuration issues, having a backup allows you to restore the website to its previous state.

  • Site Performance

Two seconds may not appear significant, but even a slight delay can be perceived as inconvenient when browsing the internet.

Ensuring your websites run smoothly involves selecting a Reseller Hosting service that ensures high performance.

  • Regular Optimization?

Keeping your websites updated improves their performance and increases their chances of ranking. 

By becoming proficient in Search Engine Optimization, you can attract potential customers to your Reseller Hosting services, bringing targeted traffic to your website.

3 Tips to Manage Multiple Websites for Your Reseller Web Hosting Business

  • Improve your Planning

Stay informed about your daily site monitoring and maintenance schedule to prioritize and plan your work effectively.

  • Prepare a Task List

Create a watch list for each website to track maintenance tasks to save time and prevent unnecessary repetition. Use project management tools to manage and update task lists specific to web-related activities easily.

  • Maintain Clear Communication

Follow the checklist above to maintain transparent communication with your customers. It also allows you to provide timely updates on maintenance progress.

How to Host Multiple Websites on a Single Hosting Account?

Many hosting accounts provide a control panel that facilitates the management of multiple websites. 

To host multiple websites, you must create separate folders for each website and then configure the domain names to point to their respective folders within the cpanel Reseller Hosting.

A subpar server can be prone to flaws and performance issues, making it worthwhile to invest in Web Hosting services capable of managing increased traffic and handling spikes in requests. 

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