Role of Textbooks in Teaching and Learning

5 ways to make textbooks relevant in a digital world

What Does Textbook Mean?

A book comprising a complete collection of content in a branch of study to explain is called a textbook. A textbook is a teaching tool that presents the subject matter defined by the curriculum. They render the essential framework within which much of the classroom activities befall and also supply every child with the best feasible possibilities for learning.

Importance of Textbooks in Teaching and Learning

Textbooks play a vital role in the teaching and learning process. Without textbooks, we can not teach or learn anything. Texts help both teachers and learners. We need to guide our learners to particular learning goals and see if goals are achieved or not. Textbooks are designed by subject experts. The educational boards have taken the responsibility of outlining the syllabus. Each state has a different state board textbook according to its syllabus. For example, the Karnataka state board has its own syllabus, and they have designed textbooks according to it. In Tamil Nadu, it has a uniform syllabus called Samacheer Kalvi for all the schools, and they have framed textbooks according to it.  Textbooks are formulated on the basis of the learning objectives of students.  A good reader takes into consideration the way of teaching and level of readership.  Its primary purpose is not to give information about a particular subject but to empower one to improve the individual perception of the subject.

Advantages of Textbooks in Classroom Teaching 

Textbooks provide the fundamental structure within which much of the classroom exercises happen and also give each child the best opportunities for learning. Every classroom uses a standard textbook. Textbooks afford many advantages: 

  • Textbooks are helpful for beginning teachers. The textbook content to be included and the intention of each lesson is spelt out thoughtfully. 
  • A textbook provides you with all the lessons and plans regarding the topic you need to cover in detail. It gives you an organised unit of work. 
  • A textbooks series offers you a sequential, well-balanced exhibition of information. 
  • Textbooks are resources for both students and teachers. Good textbooks act as an excellent teaching aid. 
  • Everything is carefully spelt out in textbooks. They are detailed sequence teaching procedures that tell you what to do and when to do it. 
  • Textbooks provide teachers and administrators with a complete programme. The series is typically based on the latest research and teaching strategies. 

How to Use Textbooks Wisely in Teaching? 

A textbook is as good as the teacher who uses it. We shouldn’t forget that the text is an essential tool in teaching and learning. Sometimes teachers over-rely on textbooks and ignore the other teaching aids in the classroom. As a teacher, they must know how to use textbooks wisely while teaching. Readers are designed based on the student’s learning objectives. They will be available in printable and PDF forms—for example, NCERT board books PDF, Samacheer Kalvi books PDF, etc. Students and teachers can download them for their usage. In some states, the state government is distributing free textbooks for all students studying in government schools. These textbooks need to be used judiciously in the hands of teachers. 

We should consider the following steps when we want to use textbooks:

  • Use the textbook as a guide but not mandate for instruction
  •  Be free to change, excrete, revise or combine to the element in the textbook
  • Use the textbook as a resource for students but not as the only resource
  • Enhance the textbook with loads of external readings
  • Complement teacher information in the textbook with teacher resource books, articles in professional periodicals, attendance at local, regional or national conferences, and conversations with experienced teachers. 
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