The Best of Trending in Ed – Wendy Zukerman LIVE from the Javits Center for NAB in New York

Jeanne A. Curley

For this installment of the Best of Trending in Ed, we’re returning to an episode we recorded live at the Javits Center for NAB New York in the Fall of 2018. Wendy Zukerman joins hosts Mike Palmer and Brandon Jones in a conversation about science, media, podcasting, and the work she is doing at the Science Vs which is still going strong at Gimlet to this day.

Wendy is the Host and Executive Producer of Science Vs. She shares the origin story of the podcast from its humble roots in science reporting in Australia to getting picked up by Gimlet to continuing to represent science, fact-checking, and good critical thinking. We hear some early takes on the anti-science and anti-vaccine movements from the time that foreshadows many of the challenges we have faced in recent years. We also take time to explore how humor and entertaining content can coexist with science content, even making the conversation more relevant and sticky through the use of storytelling, sound design, and great fact-checking. It’s a conversation that remains relevant and zeitgeisty to this day. Don’t miss it!

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