The Four Corners Strategy – Model Teaching

Jeanne A. Curley

To Employ the 4 Corners Strategy in your classroom:

  1. Prepare a dilemma with four attainable proper respond to choices that align with the lesson content material or the objective of the look at for being familiar with action. Endeavor to design your thoughts so that they can elicit an open up-ended response, and the place extra than one particular remedy option could be correct, dependent on the justification and rationale offered by the pupil.
  2. Show the concern on the projector screen or read through the dilemma aloud.
  3. Tell students of 4 locations in the classroom, 1 that represents every single response selection. Pupils need to move to the spot in the space that represents their option.
  4. Encourage 100% participation and remind pupils to make their individual option and not be dependent on what other learners decide on.
  5. Decide on at minimum one particular student from each individual solution alternative to defend their response verbally, or enable groups to discuss the cause for their alternative.
  6. When achievable, stimulate extra discourse and discussion concerning teams to help deepen being familiar with of the strategy.

Closed Responses

Shut responses could be utilised for 4 Corners when the trainer features concerns with only a person accurate response on the other hand, this method is generally not utilized for Four Corners.

A better option for closed responses would be the Scholar Reaction Program.

Nonetheless, if you pick to apply shut responses inside of the 4 Corners Strategy, this is what it could search like:

A 3rd-grade math instructor displays a polygon with the size of each and every aspect labeled and asks learners to establish the perimeter. She presents 4 remedy options, and students stand in the corner representing the letter of their decision.

Assessment: She can use a details tracker to speedily mark if pupils miss out on an answer to establish their all round precision level immediately after all of the questions have been answered. Even so, you are not most likely to get accurate data from a shut query since if a pupil chooses a improper remedy and sees that most learners are standing at a different response option, they could be far more probably to abide by their friends to that response.

Open Responses

Open up responses are the common response structure for 4 Corners, assuming the issue posed could be answered effectively by any or most of the 4 selections supplied. The teacher can then tally student responses and need pupils from every facet of the argument to justify their responses with evidence or regulations relevant to the day’s written content.

Case in point: A trainer displays the pursuing quantities and asks students to stand in the corner of the amount that does not belong.

9 16 25 43

In this specific established of sequences, students will require to determine out how those people quantities are connected- and there could be much more than a person reaction. For case in point, 1 student might say that 16 does not belong since the other numbers are all odd. An additional college student, having said that, could say that 43 does not belong because the other figures could be diminished by its sq. root. This system allowed for the instructor to support pupils in working towards math evaluation in various techniques and critique vital concepts required for deeper critical imagining.

Evaluation: After pupils make their answer alternative, the trainer can have them entire an exit ticket detailing their reasoning for their decision or have interaction in a team discussion. She can then form the pupils into two groups primarily based on their exit tickets: able to protect adequately and not equipped to defend.

The Four Corners Approach can also be critical in job-primarily based routines, functions wherever examination is critical, or when you must follow justifying a response.

Take into consideration a science course that has accomplished a lab action and has drawn conclusions. Based on how learners structured their experiments, distinct teams could occur to unique conclusions that they can protect working with knowledge from their experiments.

Consider analyzing a piece of poetry, a complex small tale, or chapter. If the assessment is advanced, or if the issue posed could elicit far more than 1 response, learners will be capable to different into two or extra corners of the home and then prompt a deeper dialogue and debate on both sides of the argument. For case in point: “Do you imagine the character was justified in her behavior in the direction of her father?”

In art, the trainer could display screen the names of four renowned artists and check with college students to decide on the most critical artist for a certain style, prompting pupils to direct a debate on their most popular artists and rationale for their value in the artwork globe.

Ideal Utilized When

This method is most helpful when students will need to show their reasoning or justification abilities. It will work best when the four answer choices could be considered correct, based on how you examine the problem. It allows college students to perform on their conversation expertise and helps them see unique viewpoints they may possibly not have thought of before.

While the Four Corners Approach is not explicitly necessary for these types of justification routines, it gives a new way for pupils to interact with the articles and can help to have interaction them in a far more reliable dialogue. It can be incorporated as aspect of your diversified procedures to verify for comprehending in your classroom and added as an additional valuable action for your class.

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