Understanding The Significance of Dedicated Hosting In Boosting eCommerce Sales

Why a Dedicated Server Is The Best Choice for E-commerce Websites - Hosting .co.uk

The increase in digitalisation and the outbreak of COVID-19 led to a boom in the eCommerce business. 

Moreover, the industry has shown a steady upward trend, growing at a rate of 265% from $1.5 trillion in 2015 to $5.9 trillion in 2023, with no signs of slowing down. However, to manage and host the eCommerce website, one of the popular web domains and hosting types is Dedicated Hosting. 

In Dedicated Server Hosting, the server is exclusively dedicated to the single client and organisation, which ultimately allows the user to enjoy higher security, flexibility, control and customisation. 

Not only this, it also helps boost eCommerce sales. But how? To know this, we will explore the various advantages of selecting eCommerce Dedicated Hosting in this article, which will help you to flourish the eCommerce business in this online world.

Importance of Dedicated Server Hosting In Boosting eCommerce Sales

  1. Total Control Over Your Server
    • With Dedicated Server Hosting, the eCommerce website owners will get full server configuration control, from software and user accounts to resource allocation.
    • It allows direct monitoring of network activity, server load, and memory usage.
    • Efficiently host several websites on one Dedicated Server for optimal performance. 
  2. Enhanced Security for Customer Data
    • Dedicated IP address and customisable security measures.
    • It provides various security options such as firewalls, antivirus/malware programs, intrusion detection systems, and disaster recovery plans.
    • Essential for businesses to manage sensitive data of eCommerce websites like customer information and credit card numbers.
  3. Unparalleled Customisation
    • Full control over the hosting environment, allowing hardware customisation.
    • Dedicated Hosting offers a versatile use for emails, app backends, media storage, content management, gaming, and dev ops.
    • Ideal for simultaneous handling of various computing needs.
  4. Scalable for High-Traffic
    • Shared hosting risks poor performance and crashes during traffic spikes.
    • A Dedicated Server ensures readiness for high traffic volumes, providing a competitive edge.
  5. Sales-Focused, Not Server Management
    • Server provider handles technical aspects, including maintenance, security, traffic management, and software updates.
    • Enables businesses to concentrate on sales, marketing, customer base growth, and overall revenue increase
  6. Eliminates the Risks of Website Downtimes
    • Downtimes can incur significant costs and revenue loss for eCommerce businesses.
    • Common causes include insufficient hosting resources, DDoS attacks, human errors, and Dedicated Server interruptions.
    • Dedicated Hosting offers ample resources to handle heavy traffic, reducing the risk of downtime.
    • Full root access allows customisation of server security, deployment of firewalls, and protection against DDoS attacks.
  7. Boosts Online Reputation
    • Long loading times drive visitors away, impacting online reputation and customer satisfaction.
    • Dedicated Hosting minimises performance lags, ensuring high page loading speed for 24/7 availability.
    • Quick loading times enhance website credibility, reputation, and customer loyalty.
  8. Enhances SEO Efforts
    • Dedicated Hosting supports high performance, fast page loading, and excellent customer experience.
    • Search engines prioritise customer security and quality user experience.
    • Longer customer stays and improved user experience contribute to higher SEO rankings.
    • Meeting security and compliance requirements further boosts SEO results.

Wrapping Up

A Dedicated Hosting Server is an excellent choice for eCommerce websites that are seeking to boost sales by enhancing their website performance, speed, and uptime. 

It is one of the best options when we talk about the security of the critical and sensitive data of the customers and the website products and services. 

So, as an eCommerce website owner, investing in Dedicated Server Hosting will take you to the next level of growth and build a higher brand reputation, trust and credibility among users. 

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