An email domain is an essential communication tool for professionals. Currently, there are more than 4.37 billion email users worldwide. Emails contain sensitive information about the companies. So it becomes essential for them to manage their data and protect it effectively from leaking outside.

There are many ways the data can be breached outside. For example, human error is a big reason why data breach happens. Communicating with outside email providers using custom emails and pushing protective measures or hacking methods like email spoofing by hackers can often cause inadvertent data breaches.

So it’s better to enable Hosting Email Security and understand better how you should do it correctly without wasting time.

When you buy Web Hosting and Domains from NZ Email Hosting companies, choose the best Email Hosting packages so that the Email Domain security is ensured.

Let’s learn more.

Why is Email Security Important?

The following are the most crucial reasons for enabling email security.

  1. Avoids Identity Theft Risk

Identity theft is one of the biggest cybercrimes. According to statistics, around 15 million Americans become victims of identity theft yearly. Commonly, usernames and passwords of sensitive accounts are shared with other employees through email. 

Therefore, if an email account gets hacked, identity theft can occur. Securing your email with Email Hosting services eliminates this risk.

  1. Protection Against Phishing Attacks

Cybercriminals create deceptive emails that appear legitimate and lure victims into clicking on links, opening media files, or providing their credentials. Email security protects you from receiving these emails and falling into the trap.

  1. Securing Email Backups

Emails are sent and received through the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server, which handles all email communication. Email security secures email backups by encrypting them and using privileged access management systems.

  1. Prevents Relay Attacks

Email security protects against message relay attacks using one-time passwords (OTPs), expiration times, session keys, and timestamps.

  1. SecuringConfidential Information 

Organisations share all kinds of sensitive information via email. Without email security, gaining access to the confidential information shared through email becomes easy for cybercriminals.

  1. Minimises Attacks Caused by Human Error

Human error is a primary reason for most cyber attacks. However, email domain security ensures that such emails don’t even reach your inbox, significantly reducing the number of attacks.

  1. Encrypted Communication 

Adversaries can exploit weak email security to gain access to your trade secrets, which are vital to your business. Email security encrypts all the information in your emails and keeps your email communication secure.

  1. Improved Security Posture

Implementing robust email security measures strengthens your company’s security posture, creating a professional environment where employees can work without serious threats.


Maintaining proper email security will bring several benefits, like helping maintain your brand reputation and prevent data breach incidents. Additionally, if your email has enabled firewalls and antivirus protection for your systems, allowing you to focus on other important tasks without worrying about email security issues.

If you choose the best Email Hosting service providers, you can rest assured that the security aspect of your email domain is ensured.