January 25, 2022


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Why is Wow TV exceptional?

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Are you looking for a cable TV, Internet, and phone option all-in-one package? If yes, then you need to look no further than wow TV. Wow offers some of the best cable and Internet plans in the Midwest and most western markets. It has a significantly higher ACSI [American customer satisfaction index] score than all other cable companies. Wow is known for its bundled cable TV and Internet packages. However, they also offer phone packages as well as home automation packages.


How to select a wow Internet deal?

Wow Internet deals offer faster speeds and better sports TV options than the other cable providers. However, there are still many things that you must consider before you finalize a specific plan. A few of these tips are as follows.


Contract plans

Wow, TV has the option of offering its customer’s contract plans under which the price of the per month service produces. However, if you choose to go for the contact plan, you will have to reside at one location for the duration of the plan.


Equipment fees

The equipment that is provided by wow, specifically the router, is high priced. If you already have your own equipment, use that or if you are a technical person, then get a router and configure it yourself.


Internet versus cable

Since wow offers and unlimited Internet data to its customers, a lot of customers choose to opt for Netflix instead of opting for cable TV on wow. However, if you choose Netflix over cable TV, your sports entertainment options will get severely limited.


Internet versus cable bundles

The biggest choice that the wow customers have to wrestle through is whether to go for an Internet-only plan or to opt for an Internet, phone, and TV package. You must remember one simple thing here. If your family consists of sports fans, news fanatics, and daily TV viewers, you should opt for the additional cable bundles along with the Internet package. In this manner, you will ultimately save more money than opting for channel-to-channel subscriptions on the Internet. On the other hand, as a student who hardly gets any time to watch TV, you should go for an Internet-only plan. You can subscribe to Netflix and watch your favorite TV episodes whenever you want.


The cable options, as well as Internet options in case of wow, are great deals. However, the bundle deals would only make sense for those families who are involved in watching TV and sports on a regular basis.

TV features of wow look forward to

There are certain features are available in the case of Wow TV that sets Wow TV apart from its competition. Loud games at making their customer’s experience watching TV memorable with maximum ease and the least amount of discomfort. Wow TV also allows its customers to stream the channels on their mobile devices featured option of on-demand titles. You can access the library whole library of WowTV to get your on-demand titles from your wow channel lineup that you have subscribed to. This way you can watch whichever channel you want, whenever you want.


Wow also offers its customers a standard DVR or an HD DVR recorder add an additional price of$7.00 and $14.00 every month, respectively. If you wish to opt for the option of ultra DVR, you will have to pay a little extra. Ultra DVR can be availed at $25 a month.


Understanding the segmentation of Wow prices

Wow offers great deals and prices to its customers. They do not like to complicate the lives of their customers by adding hidden charges or extra fees. Wow is very upfront about its pricing and costs. However, as a customer, it is your responsibility to understand that the prices of the phone, Internet, and TV services are not inclusive of the taxes applicable. To know the full price of the bundle or service that you wish to subscribe to, you will have to contact Wow customer service. They will be able to tell you the final price. This is because the taxes of every state differs from one another.


Now you are well aware of what all Wow has to offer. Wow has consistently won awards for offering great customer service for a few years now. They understand that it is the customer who can build or destroy the business. Thus, they always try to keep their customers happy by offering promotional offers, solving any problem that occurs as soon as possible, and finally, offering multiple channels for the customers to reach out to the customer service executives. If you want an Internet service provider, or if you wish for a cable TV package or a bundle of the two, you do not have to look any further than wow TV.